Theodore C(haikin) Sorensen (#222)

An Inventory of His Personal Papers, 1934-1998
In the John F. Kennedy Library
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Collection Overview
List of Series
Collection Description
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Administrative Information

Papers 1934-98
Lawyer. Member, John F. Kennedy's Senate staff (1952-60); Special Counsel to the President (1961-64); author, Decision-making in the White House (1963), Kennedy (1965), The Kennedy Legacy (1969), Let the Word Go Forth (1988). Correspondence, legislative files, subject files, speech files, draft book manuscripts, personal papers and White House files.


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Received from Theordore C. Sorensen of New York, NY , in 1968 (no Acc.); June 1973 (Acc. 1973-049); August 1994 (Acc. 1994-066); January 1995 (Acc. 1995-021); April 2000 (Acc. 2000-079); August 2001 (Acc. 2001-451); December 2001 (Acc. 2002-252); and January 2002 (Acc. 2002-272).

About 70,000 items (119.0 feet)

Items Separated from the Main Collection

Classified Items Withdrawn/Donor Withdrawn Items
Items withdrawn: 399.
In accordance with the terms of Mr. Sorensen's deed of gift, 399 items were removed and closed to research use. These items either are security classified documents or contain information of a personal or confidential nature or other information that could embarrass, injure, or harass living persons. Document withdrawal slips have been inserted in the file where items have been removed.

All withdrawn documents have been placed under seal and upon request the Kennedy Library will review any material which has been closed for a period of not less than 2 years for the purpose of opening items which no longer require restrictions. Researchers should consult the reference staff to obtain the appropriate form(s).

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August 1973

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The Personal Papers of Theodore C. Sorensen

Biographical Note
Theodore C. Sorensen was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on May 8, 1928. He attended the University of Nebraska, where he received a B.S. degree in Law in 1949 and an LL.B. in 1951.  He served as attorney for the Federal Security Agency from 1951 to 1952 and was a member of the staff of the Joint Committee on Railroad Retirement in the U.S. Senate in 1952. Theodore C. Sorensen served in various capacities under John F. Kennedy from 1953 to 1963. He was an administrative and legislative assistant to and speechwriter for Senator Kennedy from 1953 to 1960; he played an important role in organizing the Kennedy presidential campaign of 1960; and he served as Special Counsel and speechwriter to President Kennedy from 1961 to 1963. He also served briefly as Special Counsel to President Lyndon B. Johnson from 1963-1964.  Mr. Sorensen was editor-at-large and a director of the Saturday Review from 1966 to 1969. He was a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate from New York in the 1970 primary. He spent his later years as a member of the law firm Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton, and Garrison of New York City. Mr. Sorensen passed away on October 31, 2010.

Theodore Sorensen was the author of three books on the Kennedy years: Decision Making in the White House (1963), Kennedy (1965), The Kennedy Legacy (1969) and Let the Word Go Forth : The Speeches, Statements and Writings of John F. Kennedy, 1947-1963 (1988).

Collection Overview
The collection is arranged into three sub collections: the Pre-Presidential years (the first 4 series); the Presidential years (the next 9 series); and the writings of Theodore Sorensen after President Kennedy's assassination (the last series). Within the first 2 groups, the subject files are the focus of the material and describe the various issues in which Sorensen was closely involved. There are extensive files relating to speeches, articles, and books, and also to legislative activities. A fuller description of the content of the papers follows in the descriptions of individual series.

The files have been kept, for the most part, in their original arrangement, with interfiling of miscellaneous and stray folders and items.

List of Series

Subcollection 1. Pre-Presidential
Series 1. Subject files, 1953-1960
Series 2. Campaign Files, 1958
Series 3. Campaign Files, 1959-1960
Series 4. Correspondence Copy Files, 1959-1960
Sub-collection 2. Presidential Years
Series 5. Subject Files, 1961-1964
Series 6. Classified Subject Files, 1961-1964
Series 7. Legislative Files, 1961-1964
Series 8. JFK Speech Files, 1961-1963
Series 9. LBJ Speech Files, 1963-1964
Series 10. Sorensen Speeches, 1961-1964
Series 11. Chronological File, 1962-1964
Series 12. Personal Correspondence Files, 1960-1964
Series 13. Personal Subject File, 1961-1964
Sub-collection 3. After Assassination
Series 14. Drafts of Kennedy and The Kennedy Legacy
Series 15. Personal Subject File, 1969-1994
Additions to the original collection
Series 16. Examining the Cuban Missile Crisis Files, 19612001
Subseries 16.1.Background Material, 1961 1992
Subseries 16.2 Conferences and Study Groups, 1981 1992
Subseries 16.3. Decision (1976) and Thirteen Days 1997-2001
Series 17. President's Appointments, January 1961 February 1964
Series 18. Campaign 1970
Series 19. The Democratic Party, 19681992
Series 20. Presidential Transitions
Series 21. Nomination of Theodore C. Sorensen for Director of Central Intelligence
Series 22. Kennedy Related Materials
Series 23. Personal Correspondence
Series 24. Special Subject Files
Series 25. News Clippings, 1965 1967
Subseries 25.1. Early Clippings, 1965-1967
Subseries 25.2. Family Clippings
Subseries 25.3. Scrapbooks
Series 26. Sorensens Farewell
Series 27. Books and Other Documents
Series 28. Robert F. Kennedy Office
Series 29. Robert F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign
Series 30. Berk v. Laird
Series 31. Carter Mondale Transition
Series 32. Writings of Theodore C. Sorensen
Series 33. Early Papers of Theodore C. Sorensen
Series 34. Audiovisual Materials

Collection Description

Sub-collection 1. Pre-Presidential.

Series 1. Subject files, 1953-60.
Boxes 1-18 (18 boxes)
Arrangement: alphabetical by subject.

This series documents the activities of Theodore Sorensen working as legislative and administrative assistant to Senator John Kennedy in his Washington office. There is a lengthy file of the articles drafted and written by Theodore C. Sorensen for John F. Kennedy, and a great deal of correspondence and memoranda relating to books by and about John F. Kennedy, especially Profiles in Courage and James M. Burns' John F. Kennedy: a Political Profile. Many personal letters and memoranda of Sorensen's are also found here.

The files also reflect some of the activities of Senator Kennedy's office; i. e., correspondence relating to Democratic Party politics, Massachusetts and New England problems, and Senate labor committee activities. The 1960 campaign activities are documented in a separate series.

Box 1
A (General)
Acknowledgements, 5/20/57 - 2/26/59 [4 folders]
Agenda 1957
     Memoranda and Correspondence, 1/19/57 - 12/16/57 and undated
     Schedules5/l/57 - 6/12/58
Agenda 1958
     Schedules, 1/13/58 - 10/20/58 and undated
     Travel Schedules, 8/58 - 12/19/58 and undated
     TCS Memos, undated
Agenda 1959
     Schedules and Memoranda, 1/31/59 - 6/22/59
     Schedules, 7/9/59 - 10/22/59 and undated
     Projected Schedules, 1/59 - 12/59
     TCS Memos, undated
Agenda 1960
     Memoranda, 8/23/60 and undated
Air Safety, 10/15/58
Americans for Democratic Action, 1/29/58 - 5/19/59 and undated

Box 2
Appointments (Calendar Pads)

Box 3
ACIM Dispatch
(American Committee on Italian Migration)
     "Nine Months of Experience with the Reunion of Families Legislation" 6/5/58
Alumnae Chatterbox
- "Education and the Cold War" 8/22/58
Alumnews (Catholic publication) 11/12/58
     "Politics and Citizenship" 9/21/58 - 11/5/58
(Catholic publication) 10/5/57
     "The Algerian Crisis: A New Phase?" 9/24/57
American Bar Association Journal
     "Labor Racketeering" 10/2/57 - 2/28/58
American Weekly
     "The Mixed Blessings of Illness" 2/24/56 - 3/17/56
Atlantic Monthly
     "New England and the South"
Boston Globe
     "Prospects for New England Economy for 1958" 4/3/57
Business Beam
(Merchants Natl. Bank) 3/58
     "The Most Critical Issues Facing Congress in 1958" 2/4/58 - 3/17/58
Choate News
     "Politics as a Career" 1/16/56 5/4/56
     "Loyalty Oath" 12/14/57 - 1/11/60 and undated
Crosby, John 6/11/58.
     JFK Guest Column, 5/15/58 - 10/23/58
Denver Post
     "It's Time for a New Lobby Law" 3/31/58 - 5/11/58
Encyclopedia Britannica
     Oliver Ellsworth 3/6/58 - 8/7/58
Everywoman's Magazine
     "A Turning Point in 1957"
Everywoman's Magazine
     "Would. You Want Your Daughter to be President?" 6/19/56-8/8/56
Foreign Affairs 10/57
     "A Democrat Looks at Foreign Policy" 4/9/57 - 8/15/57 and undated
General Electric Defense Quarterly 1/59
     "Congress: How it Works Toward a More Organized Defense Effort" 11/15/58 - 12/30/58
General Federation Clubwoman 10/58
     "The Challenge of Public Service Broadcasting" 3/26/58 - 8/5/58
Georgetown Law Journal summer 1957
     "Congressional Lobbies: A Chronic Problem Reexamined"
(Ohio) Journal-News
     "Letter of Advice to Young Readers re: Politics" 6/15/58 - 7/9/58
Harvard Alumni Bulletin
     "Why Harvard Men Go Into Politics" 1/12/56 - 4/25/56
Harvard Business Review
     "New Hope for Old Regions: Industrial Development in New England"
Historical Figures, Inc. publication
     Most Amusing Campaign Incident 6/23/58 - 7/9/58
     "You Educate Future Politicians" 10/9/57 - 5/2/58
(YWCA and YMCA Student Councils) 9/58
     "Preface to Freshman Issue" 3/25/58 - 7/9/58
(Catholic publication) 7/8/56
     "The Catholic Vote" 4/28/54 - 7/16/56
Kennedy-Byrd-Payne Bill 8/3/58
Kiwanis Magazine 2/58
     "Citizenship and Politics" 7/1/57 - 12/13/57
Le Monde Diplomatique 5/58
     Underdeveloped Countries 12/18/57 - 5/20/58

Box 4
Life 3/11/57
     Future of the Democratic Party
          Drafts and Correspondence 1/17/57 2/21/57 and undated [2 folders]
          Fan Mail 3/6/57 5/7/57 [6 folders]
Life International
     "A Democrat's View of Foreign Policy" 12/3/57 2/4/58
Living, for Young Homemakers
     "Young Men in Politics" 5/3/57 and undated
     "Labor Racketeers and Political Pressure" 12/15/ 8 and undated
Look. ''Memo to a Future Campaigner" 3/18/56-7/228 and undated
McCalls 1/58
     "Three Courageous Women"
          Correspondence 7/25/56 - 4/15/58 and undated [2 folders]
          Background Materials, undated
NEA Journal
     "Upon Education Rests the Fate of the Nation" 11/13/57 - 1/25/58
New England Teacher 6/58
     "Letter from Washington" 1/24/58 - 5/3/58
New Leader 2/19/54 - 8/10/54

Box 5
New York Times Magazine 11/8/53
     "What's the Matter with New England?" 7/22/53 - 11/8/53
New York Times Magazine 8/8/54
     "Foreign Policy is the People's Business" 5/20/54 - 12/9/54
New York Times Magazine 4/14/57
     "Search for the Five Greatest Senators" 2/27/57 - 10/24/57 and undated [3 folders]
New York Times Magazine 5/18/58
     "The Shame of the States" 5/19/58 - 10/1/58 [2 folders]
North American Newspaper Alliance (NANA) publication
     11/27/57 and undated
Parade 4/8/56
     "I'll Always Remember the Kindness of a Native" 1/17/56 - 3/13/56
Paulist (Catholic Publication) 7/4/57
     "John Adams and the Spirit of Independence" 1/28/57 - 5/10/57
Peninsula (U. of Florida)
     "Politics as a Career" 7/31/57 - 10/11/57
Phi Delta Kappan 6/58
     Education, 2/4/58 - 4/25/58
Plant Council News
     "Putting the Labor Investigations in Their Proper Perspective" 8/28/57 - 10/2/57
Press Associates, Inc. publication
     "Labor Day Statement" 6/18/58 - 7/9/58
     "If India Falls" 10/24/57 - 3/31/58 and undated [2 folders]
Readers Digest 7/4/58
     "The Spirit of One Man's Independence" (John Adams) 2/6/58 - 7/17/58 and undated
Reporter 9/18/58
     "When the Executive Fails to Lead" 7/11/58 - 9/18/58
Reporter 10/30/58
     "General Gavin Sounds the Alarm" (book review) 10/22/58 - 10/30/58
Sign (Catholic publication) 8/58
     "Kennedy for President?" 7/22/58 - 8/6/58
Signal (Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Asso.) 10/58
     "After the Gap--What?" 10/8/58 - 10/16/58
Solidarity (UAW)
     "Unemployment Compensation" 3/10/58 - 4/11/58 and undated
     "United States and Colonialism" (unpublished) undated
Witness (Catholic publication)
     "Address to Today's Youth on a Political Career" 11/22/57 - 3/14/58
Wright, Cobina
     JFK Guest Column 8/10/57 - 9/3/57
Young Democrat
     "Unions" 4/27/58 - 5/16/58
Your Report
(Massachusetts Democratic Committee)
     "Statement re: Elections" 5/15/58 - 5/26/58

Box 6
Articles - Miscellaneous, 2/5/56 and undated
     Correspondence, 11/19/53 -12/18/58 [2 folders]
Articles about JFK, 7/31/54 - 4/60
Articles - Refused Requests, 2/20/56 - 7/29/59 [3 folders]
Articles - Pending, 10/26/56 11/24/58
Articles - Unpublished, 1/54 -1/14/55 and undated
B (General)
     Foreign Policy, 9/9/59 - 6/18/60 and undated
     Funk Case, 2/24/56 - 4/13/57 and undated
     John Kennedy: A Political Profile by James M. Burns
          Draft edited by JFK. [2 folders]
          Drafts and notes undated
          Correspondence, 1/14/59 - 12/26/59
     Plaut, Ed - 12/17/56 - 4/11/60 and undated

Box 7
     Profiles in Courage
          Arrangements with Evan Thomas (Harper & Bros.) 1/4/56 - 1/16/61 and undated [3 folders]
          Correspondence, 1/21/55 - 11/30/60 and undated [3 folders]
          Drew Pearson accusation, 1/6/55 - 1/9/64 and undated [4 folders]
          Fan Mail, 11/24/55 - 8/3/59 [4 folders]
          TV and Motion Picture Dramatization, 10/10/55 - 10/13/58 and undated [4 folders]

Box 8
     Strategy of Peace, 9/4/58 - 10/21/60 and undated [6 folders]
     U.S. Senate - declined, 10/8/57 - 1/15/58
     Why England Slept - 1940 reviews
Bowles, Chester 1/29/60 - 9/22/60
C (General)
     Campaign 1956, 11/15/55 - 11/31/56 and undated
     Campaign Trip 1956, 9/17/56 - 12/6/56 and undated
Catholic Question, 11/28/56 2/5/59. 3 folders
Christmas 1958

Box 9
Civil Rights, 11/1/56 - 2/6/59 and undated [5 folders]
Committee Assignments, 12/20/54 - 1/13/59 and undated [2 folders]
Congratulatory Telegrams and Letters Sent, 1/16/56-11/8/58 [2 folders]
Congressional Redistricting - Massachusetts, 9/23/59 - 10/26/59
Convention 1956, 2/16/56 - 2/27/57 and undated [2 folders]
D (General)
Defense and Veterans - JFK position, 3/58 and undated
Democratic Advisory Council, 12/6/56 - 1/10/58 and undated
Democratic Leaders - Articles about, 1/7/58 - 3/17/58 and undated

Box 10
Democratic National Committee, 2/15/55 - 3/18/60 and undated [5 folders]
E (General)
Editorials, 2/21/57 - 12/8/58 [10 folders]

Box 11
Education 1/7/58 - 3/27/58
Elections 1956 and undated, 1/12/55 - 1/4/57 [4 folders]
Elections 1957, 1/57 - 11/7/57
F (General)
"Face the Nation" 3/30/58, 4/17/58 - 6/6/58
Films, Radio, TV Arrangements, 9/18/56 - 10/30/60 and undated [3 folders]
G (General)
H (General) [2 folders]
Humphrey, Hubert - Voting Record
Humphrey, Hubert - Interview - Mike Wallace Show, 3/17/59

Box 12
I (General)
Interns for Summer, 5/25/56 2/4/59
Invitations Accepted, 1/5/56 - 4/22/58 [3 folders]
Invitations Declined, 1/24/56 - 12/31/58 [2 folders]
J (General)
K (General)
L (General)
Labor - Right to Work Legislation, 10/13/58
Labor Rackets Inquiry, 1/16/57 - 11/13/58 and undated [2 folders]
Lincoln Broadcasting Corp., 1/20/58
M (General) [2 folders]
Mailing List, 12/13/58 - 1/30/59
Massachusetts Democratic State Committee, 5/21/56 - 1/8/58
Massachusetts Interests and Requests, 3/4/57 - 1/29/59
Massachusetts State Committee Fight 1956 - Newsclippings, 5/9/56 - 5/20/56
McCarthy, Joseph - 7/31/54 - 2/13/59 and undated [4 folders]

Box 13
Middle Eastern Resolution of President Eisenhower, 2/14/57 - 5/8/57 and undated
Miscellaneous, 6/18/54 - 11/60 and undated
Multiple Sclerosis Drive, 4/28/58 - 6/10/58
N (General)
Negroes 5/8/57 - 1/29/59 [2 folders]
     Pittsburgh Courier
          Correspondence, 4/30/58 - 9/10/58
          Newspapers, 4/5/58 - 5/3/58
     Printers' Ink and United Negro College Fund
          Reprints and Brochure, undated
New England Delegations Senators Conference
     9/5/54 6/18/57 [7 folders]

Box 14
     1/30/58 - 7/24/58 and undated [4 folders]
     Report on Activities during 84th Congress
          85th Congress, First Session (Binder)
Northeast Airlines Briefs, 12/22/55 - 6/20/56
Newspapers - New Photos of JFK Sent, 10/14/57 - 2/25/58
Newspapermen - 5/31/57 - 2/6/59 [3 folders]
Newspapermen - Phil Locke, 2/24/58 - 7/18/58
O (General)
Okinawa, Conditions in - 6/4/59
P (General)
Plane Schedules
Poland, 3/12/57 - 8/18/58 and undated Newsclippings

Box 15
Pulitzer Prize
     Congratulations from Political Figures, 5/6/57-5/13/5
     Fan Mail, 5/1/57-5/15/57, 2 folders
     Fan Mail and Miscellaneous, 5/17/57 - 5/20/57 and undated
Q, R (General)
Religion, 1/24/58 - 10/1/60 and undated [2 folders]
Route 123-Fairfax County, VA. (McClean to Langley) 9/20/56 - 12/13/56 and undated
S (General)
Senate Reception Room
     Five Outstanding Senators Portraits, 8/2/55 - 3/12/59 and undated
          Editorials, 5/1/57 - 5/10/57
Senatorial Accomplishments
Shriver, Robert S. and Eunice K., 3/27/56 - 3/31/58
Small Business, 10/8/57 - 10/3/58
Sorensen, Theodore C.
     Personal Correspondence and Memoranda, 2/10/53 - 12/13/57 [7 folders]

Box 16
     Personal Correspondence and Memoranda, 1/6/58 - 2/6/59 and undated [2 folders]
Speeches (JFK)
     Gridiron Club 3/15/58. Drafts, 4 folders; Correspondence, 2/13/58 - 4/23/58; Speech Materials, undated
     India (Senate) 3/25/58 - Speech & Correspondence, 3/25/58 5/5/58 and undated
     Israel (B'Nai Zion Banquet) 2/9/58. Correspondence, 3/14/58 - 6/24/58
     Jewish Theological Seminary (New York) 11/23 /58. Correspondence 11/28/58 - 12/17/58
     Missiles (Senate) 8/14/58 - Correspondence, 8/13/58 - 10/2/58
     Puerto Rico 12/15/58 - Draft & Correspondence, 12/15/58-1/8/59
     Rockhurst College 6/2/56 - Pamphlets
     Smith College Commencement 6/8/58 - Draft & Correspondence 6/8/58 - 7/22/58
     "Time for an Urban Magna Carta" 9/11/58 - Correspondence 10/2/58 - 10/10/58
     "Who Killed the Kennedy-Ives Bill?" (Senate) 8/22/58. Correspondence 8/22/58 - 9/26/58
Speeches Schedules, 1955-60

Box 17
     Miscellaneous Correspondence 1/11/56 - 12/17/58 and undated [9 folders]
Speechwriters, 7/11/59 - 11/17/59 and undated
Springfield Newspapers and Internal Revenue Service Inquiry 10/25/56 - 11/4/58 and undated [2 folders]
Stoner, Henry 5/20/58 - 11/25/58 [2 folders]
     10/1/57 - 12/31/58
     E. John Bucci 12/20/57 - 1/16/59
     California Polls 3/5/59
     Louis Harris 11/4/57 - 11/7/58
T (General)

Box 18
Telephone Call Notebooks (TCS) 1/9/58 - 11/15/60 [2 folders]
     Correspondence and Memos, 10/30/60 - 1/18/61 and undated [2 folders]
     Correspondence to Presidential Appointees, 12/23/60 - 1/3/61
     Memorandum on Transition (By Clark Clifford) - Notebook, 11/9/60
     Phone calls, 12/1/60 - 12/19/60 and undated
U (General)
Unemployment Compensation - Drafts & Correspondence, 3/28/58 6/10/58 and undated
V (General)
Voting Records
     Humphrey & McCarthy 1/11/60 2/4/60
     Frank Lausche 8/4/59
     Stuart Symington 8/17/59
W (General)
World's Fair, Brussels - Drafts and Correspondence, 2/4/58 - 3/3/58 and undated

Series 2. Campaign Files, 1958.
Boxes 19-20 (2 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical by subject.

The 1958 campaign files are composed primarily of press releases, statements and speeches, campaign literature, lists of newspapers and journalists, news clippings, etc., most of which has been published in one form or another. There is some correspondence relating to John F. Kennedy's campaign against Vincent Celeste in this Senate race, including suggestions for campaign publicity.

Box 19
Background Material
Celeste, Vincent
Civil Rights [3 folders]
Correspondence. 2 folders
Economy and Government
Editorials and Advertisements [3 folders]
Farm Policy
Foreign Policy
Goldfine Hearings
Hoover Commission
Immigration (Minority Groups)
Kennedy Family (Background Information)
Kennedy Foundation (Ireland)
Kennedy, Jacqueline
Literature (Campaign)
New England Interests [2 folders]
New Hampshire

Box 20
     Magazine Articles
     Newspaper Advertisements
     Press Releases
     Radio and Television
Republican Statements
Small Business
Social Legislation
     1952 Campaign
     National Conference of Christians and Jews, 12/3/57
     Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner, 3/29/58
     Howard University, 6/4/58
     United States Mayors Conference, 9/11/58
     United Steel Workers of America Convention, 9/18/58
     Phi Alpha Delta Legal Fraternity Breakfast, 10/19/58
Unemployment Compensation

Series 3. Campaign Files, 1959-60.
Boxes 21-26 (6 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical.

This series is composed of memoranda, correspondence, clippings, etc., mainly arranged by state, documenting the activities of the Kennedy staff in setting up campaign organizations in each state to conduct John F. Kennedy's campaign for the Presidency. This material is an excellent source of information on campaign preparations and the political situation in the various states, containing memoranda from Theodore C. Sorensen to Robert Kennedy, memoranda from Robert Wallace reporting on his organizing activities, correspondence with liberal groups and the academic community about ways of gaining support, letters with campaign suggestions, etc.

Box 21
A (General)
Academic Advisory Committee
Applicants for Jobs
Articles and Statements [2 folders]
B (General)
Biossat, Bruce
Birth Control
C (General)
California [2 folders]
Campaign Material
     General [2 folders]
     Articles and Clippings

Box 22
     Undated [2 folders]
Civil Rights
D (General)
Delegate Information [2 folders]
District of Columbia
E (General)
Eisenhower Administration
F (General)
Foreign Policy
G (General)
Goodwin, Richard
H (General)
Humphrey - Kennedy T.V. Debate, Charleston, W.Va., 5/4/60
I (General)

Box 23
J (General)
K (General)
Kennedy Clubs
L (General)
M (General)
Mallan Article
N (General)
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York [3 folders]

Box 24
North Carolina
North Dakota
O (General)
Ohio [2 folders]
Peace Corps
Platform Committee
Puerto Rico
R (General)
Religious Issue
     General [3 folders]
     Air Force Manual Controversy
     Articles and Clippings [3 folders]

Box 25
     Campaign Material [2 folders]
     Catholic Issue [2 folders]
     Letter to Pastors (West Virginia Primary)
Roosevelt, Eleanor
S (General)
Schlesinger, Arthur
Sorensen, Theodore
     Campaign Memos [2 folders]
Speech Writers
     General. 2 folders
     Acceptance at Convention [2 folders]

Box 26
     Acceptance at Convention [2 folders]
Stevenson, Adlai
T (General)
Transition (Organization of New Administration- Task Forces) [2 folders]
U (General)
U-2 Incident
V (General)
Virgin Islands
W (General)
West Virginia
Wisconsin [3 folders]
Wisconsin, The Capital Times
Wofford, Harris
X, Y, Z
Youth Issue

Series 4. Correspondence Copy Files, 1959-60.
Box 27 (1 box).
Arrangement: alphabetical by correspondent.

One box of carbon copies of outgoing correspondence of Theodore C. Sorensen and John F. Kennedy, arranged alphabetically. The complete correspondence files are found in the other series of the Sorensen Papers covering the decade of the 1950s, or in the Pre-Presidential Papers of John F. Kennedy.

Box 27
B [2 folders]
G [2 folders]
I, J
M [2 folders]
Q, R
S (Sorensen, Ted)
U, V
W [2 folders]
X, Y, Z

Sub-collection 2. Presidential Years.

Series 5. Subject Files, 1961-1964.
Boxes 28-41 (14 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical.

Subject files contain memoranda and correspondence.  Decision making on domestic issues during the Kennedy Administration may be studied in some detail through these files. Some publications and reports collected by Mr. Sorensen in the performance of his duties as Special Counsel and speechwriter are also included. The "steel" and "education" folders are especially complete the steel price increase of 1962 is extensively documented, including a firsthand narrative of events by Arthur J. Goldberg. There is a large amount of material on the issue of federal aid to parochial schools. Economic issues are discussed in memoranda in the Council of Economic Advisers folders, the development of the SST is discussed in the Transportation file, and the Wheat and Agriculture files contain much information on agricultural problems. Medical Care for the Aged and Social Security are among the social welfare issues that are documented here.  In the foreign affairs field, the balance of payments problem is extensively documented, and the State Department folder contains memoranda on several different issues. Many of the documents in these folders, however, remain security classified and are not available for research.  There is also much material in this series relating to civil rights, domestic politics, and the publication of Presidential speeches by Harper's. The files include numerous memoranda by Walter Heller on economic issues, by Walt W. Rostow, and by Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

Box 28
Administration Record and Accomplishments
Agency for International Development, 1961-62
Agriculture [4 folders]
Airlines (Strike of Flight Engineers Union). 6/14/62
Apportionment and 1964 Democratic National Convention
Articles and Books re: JFK
     8/8/54 - 12/17/63 and undated. [2 folders]
Assassination Commission
     John Diebold

Box 29
Balance of Payments, 1961-1962 [2 folders]
Balance of Payments, 1962 Gold [2 folders]
Balance of Payments, 1963
Budget (Federal)
(The) Burden and the Glory

Business and the Administration
     1961 - 5/28/63 [5 folders]

Box 30
     Undated. (2 folders)
     Article for New York Times (3 folders)
Civil Defense
Civi1 Rights 2/6/61 2/3/64 (6 folders)
Civil Rights Legislation, 1963. Sorensen - LBJ Phone Conversation, 6/3/63*
     [*The document in this folder was donated to the John F. Kennedy Library in January, 1995]
Civil Rights Legislation, 1963. Sorensen - LBJ Phone Conversation, 6/3/63**
     [** This transcript was provided by the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and has been inserted into this collection for the convenience of researchers, November 6, 1980]
Commerce Department
Conflicts of Interest

Box 31
Council of Economic Advisers 7/20/61 2/5/64 and undated [8 folders]
Counsel's Office (TCS)
Cultural activities
Debt Limit
Defense Department
Democratic National Committee

Box 32
Democratic National Committee Publications
     The Democrat (3 folders)
     "Operation Support" flyers
     "News Release" 1961 [5 folders]
Education 2/21/61- 11/2/61 [7 folders]

Box 33
Education 2/9/62 - 1/28/64 and undated [9 folders]
Education and Religion 2/5/60 - 5/16/63 and undated [6 folders]

Box 34
Executive Orders
Executive Privilege
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Foreign Aid [2 folders]
Foreign Policy [2 folders]
Foreign Policy - Africa
Freedom Academy Bill
Harpers (correspondence with Harper and Row re: The Burden and the Glory, To Turn the Tide, etc.) [4 folders]
Health, Education and Welfare 1961 - 1962 [3 folders]

Box 35
Health, Education and Welfare 1963 - 1964
     3/29/63 - 11/22/63 and undated
Hill-Burton Amendments 8/7/63
Krebiozen Report, 9/10/63
Highway Problems
History of the White House (Historical Record of the Administration)
Interior Department
Justice Department [3 folders]
(Edward M.) Kennedy
(John F.) Kennedy
     After 11/22/63
(John F.) Kennedy Library [2 Folders]
Labor Department [3 folders]
Latin America
Letters to the Editor

Box 36
Medical Care for the Aged [3 folders]
     (TCS) Memoranda
     (TCS) Memos to President Johnson
Miscellaneous, 12/30/60 - 9/18/64 and undated [4 folders]
Neustadt Memoranda
Nuclear Test Ban
(Alicia) Patterson Letter
Politics - Prior 1964 Campaign
     9/12/61 - 2/5/63 and undated [2 folders]
     (Nelson A.) Rockefeller File
     (George) Romney File

Box 37
Post Office Department [2 folders]
Poverty - Eastern Kentucky
     10/15/63 - 4/30/64 and undated [4 folders]
     Agriculture Department Memos 11/4/63 - 12/30/63
     HEW Memo 11/4/63
     Attack on Poverty Program 12/1/63 - 12/26/63
Presidential Deaths
Presidential Inability
Press Conferences - LBJ 12/7/63 - 2/1/64 [2 folders]
Press Criticisms of JFK
Profiles in Courage
(Television Series)
     7/1/63 - 2/12/64 & undated [2 folders]
     John Adams Script
     Thomas Hart Benton Script [2 folders]

Box 38
     George W. Norris Script
     John M. Slaton Script
     Oscar W. Underwood Script
Radio Free Europe
Resignation (TCS) - Letters of
Resignation (TCS) - Newsclippings
Rostow Memos
Schlesinger Memos
Small Business Administration
Social Security
Space - 4/14/61 - 9/23/63 [2 folders]
     Federal Council for Science & Technology Reports
Speech Material
     General 2/12/60 - 10/25/62 [4 folders]

Box 39
     General (cont'd) 2/25/63 - 11/63 & undated [3 folders]
     Humor & Color
State Department
Steel 8/12/61 - 10/2/63 and undated [5 folders]
Stock Market 5/3/62 - 5/7/63 & undated [2 folders]
Task Force Reports miscellaneous. 1/5/61 - 9/1/61 [2 folders]

Box 40
Tax-Testimony Before House Committee, 7/26/62 8/7/62 [2 folders]
Tax Cut [8 folders]
Transition Memoranda (Binder)
     Agency Highlight Summaries [2 folders]
     Topical Memoranda [7 folders]

Box 41
Transportation and SST
Treasury Department [2 folders]
Unemployment Situation
United Nations.
Veterans Administration
Vice Presidents Speeches
     1963 and undated [3 folders]
     Arguments for Sale to USSR
     Commodities Licensed for Export to Eastern Europe
     Questions on Possible Sale to USSR
White House Staff Memos

Series 6. Classified Subject Files, 1961-64.
Boxes 42-56 (15 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical by subject.

This series represents the classified items that were pulled from various other series in this collection. It mirrors the subject files in many ways. Some materials are still closed due to national security, and may be requested at the item level for mandatory review.

Box 42
Balance of Payments [4 Folders]
Berlin [7 Folders]

Box 43
Berlin, Modus Vivendi
     Economic Implications, Economic Counter-measures
     Economic Stabilization Policies for a Berlin Build-up
     President's Statement on Berlin, Press Conference, 6/28/61
Bowles, Chester 3/60, 1/15/62 4/4/62
Bowles, Chester The Situation in South Asia, 3/27/62
Bowles, Chester U.S. Policies in The Far East
Bowles, Chester U.S. Policies in The Far East, 4/4/62 Copy II
Bowles, Chester [7 Folders]

Box 44

Box 45
     "Proposed Planning Figures - 1965 Budget"

Box 46
          "Review of FY 1961 and FY 1962 Military Program and Budget" 2/21/61
          Materials for Discussion of Defense 1962 Budget Revisions
          Index to FY 1964 Budget Memos (DoD)

Box 47
Bureau of the Budget
     Staff Report, Ten Year Projections of Federal Finances, 11/60
     1/61 1/62
     TCS Notes, "We pledged" 8/2/61
     1962 Budget Revised
          3/62 7/62
          8/62 2/63
          3/63 6/63
Atomic Energy Commission
     David Bell Memos
     Economic Information, and Estimates and Trends
     Replies to Congressmen
Cabinet, 1961 - 1964
Central Intelligence Agency
Civil Defense

Box 48
Civil Defense
     Basic Report of Civil Defense and Defense Mobilization: Roles, Organization & Programs, 2/61 (2 folders)
     A Report of its Future
     A Report on the Battle Creek Operations 3/1/61
Cuba, General
     1/1/61 5/2/61
     5/3/61 5/24/61 and undated
     5/25/61 8/16/61
     8/17/61 8/29/61 and undated
     10/17/62 10/27/62
     10/28/62 10/29/62
     11/1/62 11/6/62
     11/7/62 11/30/62
Cuba, Subjects, General and Historical Information
     1/1/61 5/2/61
     8/31/61 10/19/62
     10/20/62 10/25/62
     10/26/62 11/1/62
     11/2/62 12/13/63

Box 49
Cuba, Subjects, Current
     1/31/62 11/20/62
     11/21/62 1/21/62
     1/23/63 3/4/63
Cuba, Subjects, Current, Material used at Hyannis
     11/22/62 11/23/63
Cuba, Subjects, Standing Committee
     9/62 10/62 and undated
     4/1/61 5/16/61
     5/17/61 9/17/61
     9/18/61 11/8/61
     11/9/61 11/19/62
     11/20/62 Part I
     11/20/62 Part II
     11/22/62 2/7/63 and undated
Defense Build-up and National Emergency [3 folders]

Box 50
Emergency Planning
European Trip, Presidents 6/63
Foreign Aid
     Interdepartmental Coordinating Group On Germany & Berlin [2 folders]

Box 51
Korea, 6/61
Korea, Task Force Report, 6/5/61
     4/61 5/61
     Conference on Laos, Geneva, 5/61
Legislative Program Data, 1963
MacMillan Correspondence
Missile Gap

Box 52
National Security Council
     5/10/61 5/17/61
     5/18/61 6/26/61
     6/27/61 10/12/61
     10/13/61 11/1/61
     11/2/61 12/4/61
     12/5/61 1/12/62
     1/13/62 1/16/62
     1/18/62 6/29/62
     6/30/62 7/16/62 Part I
     6/30/62 7/16/62 Part II
     7/17/62 10/25/62
     10/26/62 11/11/62
     11/12/62 1/22/63
     1/23/63 4/9/63
     4/10/63 6/7/63
     6/8/63 11/7/63
     11/8/63 12/9/63
     12/10/63 1/16/64
National Security Council Standing Group [3 folders]

Box 53
National Security Council Standing Group Cuba Meeting
Nuclear Test Ban
     4/59 6/61
     Report of the Ad Hoc Panel on Nuclear Testing, 7/21/61
     7/1/61 8/6/61
     8/7/61 1/14/62
     Presidents Statement on Nuclear Test Ban, 11/2/61
     1/15/62 1/24/62
     1/25/62 2/18/62
     Department of State Instruction, CW 5966, 1/62
     Report of Subcommittee on Atmospheric Testing 1/5/62
     Health Implications of Fall Out from Nuclear Weapons Testing, 2/15/62
     Presidential Briefing on Testing, 2/19/62
     2/19/62 2/27/62
     2/28/62 8/21/62
     8/22/62 5/1/63
     Report of the 205 Committee, 12/20/62
     5/2/63 7/14/63
     7/15/63 7/18/63
     7/19/63 8/2/63
     Draft White Paper, Balance of Risks, 7/23/63
     8/3/63 11/22/63 and undated

Box 54
OCDM (Office of Civil and Defense Mobilization) [See also Civil Defense]
Organization (re: coordinating military intelligence gathering)
Panama, 1/64
Peace Offensive, 1/64
     Harris Poll 1012, 3/22/61
     Harris Poll, 1/62
     USIA Poll, 1963
Reports from Major Departments
Speeches and Press Conferences of Secretary Rusk
Soviet Union
     General, 1961 - 1964
     U.S. Reply to Soviet Aide-Memoire on Germany and Berlin
     Gromyko-Rusk Conversation re: Germany & Berlin

Box 55
     Kennedy-Khruschev Correspondence, 9/61 10/61 [2 folders]
     Kennedy-Khruschev Correspondence, 11/61 12/61
     Material re: Adzhubei Interview
     Background Material re: Kennedy-Khrushchev Television Appearance
     Johnson-Khrushchev Correspondence
     4/28/61 5/8/61
     5/9/61 10/1/63
     10/2/63 1/14/64
     Receipts of Daily Staff Summaries

Box 56
     "The United States in World Affairs: 1962" 12/13/62
     Mobilization Plan C, 6/1/57
     Federal Emergency Plan D-Minus, 6/59
     Material re: Press and National Security

Series 7. Legislative Files, 1961-64.
Boxes 57-59 (3 boxes).
Arrangement: chronologically by year and by topic.

Legislative files contain correspondence, memoranda, and reports initiated and maintained by the office of the Special Counsel to the President.  The series contains weekly agendas for legislative meetings prepared by Ted Sorensen and Larry O'Brien for the President through 2/18/64; records of legislative accomplishments, proposals, and pending legislation; timetables of legislation and presidential messages; Kennedy record in domestic and foreign affairs. Some personal recommendations of Mike Manatos and Claude Desautels on Larry O'Brien's legislative liaison staff, and of Dick Goodwin, Myer Feldman, and Lee White on Sorensen's staff, are also included, as well as committee and department reports, proposals, and analyses.  Economic policy receives detailed coverage, including a 1961 series of charts of economic indicators, a thorough analysis of the effects of tax reform in 1963, and a 1963 economic briefing book. A model for the 1964 war on poverty is considered in detail, including an organizational flow chart with accompanying explanations, timetable, and draft budget for the program.  Materials dealing with a "secret" 1961 news briefing by presidential advisers Sorensen and O'Brien are also included. The information issued at that meeting, praising the Kennedy administration's passage of 33 major bills in 1961, was denounced as propaganda, specifically by the Republican National Committee's Battle Line, and it is interesting that the report in question is stamped "propaganda." Also worth mention are 1962 memos and correspondence concerning H.R.10, a voluntary pension plan for self-employed individuals.

Box 57
Legislative Meetings 1961 [8 folders]
Kennedy Record in Domestic Affairs 1961
Kennedy Record in Foreign Affairs 1961
Legislative Year-End Reports 1961
Legislative Program 1962, 12/18/61 - 1/4/62 [2 folders]
     President's Copy
     Background Material 8/15/61 - 1/2/61 and undated. [2 folders]
     Transportation Recommendations - Analysis I; Analysis II.

Box 58
Legislative Accomplishments 1962
     6/26/62 - 10/13/62
     Kennedy Program Proposals I
     Kennedy .Program Proposals II
     Congressional Action
Memos Re: Legislation 1962, 1/62 - 12/13/62 and undated [4 folders]
Legislative Leaders (Meetings) 1962 [13 folders]

Box 59
Legislation 1963 [4 folders]
Legislative Leaders 1963 (Meetings) [7 folders]
Legislative Program 1963 (Notebook)
     Proposals for 1963 I
     Proposals for 1963 II
     Proposals for 1963 - Sorensen's Copy
     Economic Briefing Book I
     Economic Briefing Book II
Legislative Program 1964, 10/11/63 - 1/24/64 [2 folders]
     Legislative Leaders Meetings
     Proposals for 1964

Series 8. JFK Speech Files, 1961-63.
Boxes 60-77 (17 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetically by year.

Presidential speech files of John F. Kennedy with entries based upon subject matter, group or organization addressed, or location. The papers include four basic categories of material: drafts, press releases, memoranda, and background speech materials, usually in that order.  Individual speech entries contain varying amounts of substantive materials.  The bulk of material (background data, drafts, etc.) is found in folders on State of the Union messages and other special or topical messages to Congress, such as education, the economy and taxes, trade policy and foreign aid, transportation, and space. Some crucial issues have in-depth coverage, including civil rights 1963, the Berlin speech of 7/25/61, the UN bond issue 1962, and the railroad rules dispute speech of 7/22/63. Also well documented are the Yale University "myth" speech of 6/11/62, the North Carolina University speech of 10/12/61, the 1962 campaign, and the Presidential conservation and water power trips of 1962 and 1963.  Other speech files are college and university addresses at commencements or other honorary occasions, informal addresses at conventions, at association or group meetings, along trip routes, and on ceremonial occasions of local interest, such as Democratic fundraising dinners or dedications.  Researchers should note that copies of press releases in the files exceeding two duplicates are arranged chronologically at the end of the Theodore C. Sorensen Papers. It should also be noted that there is a straight chronological listing of all speeches included in the file following the regular folder title list).

Box 60
1961 Speeches - Summary (Listing)
(John) Adams Papers Luncheon 10/3/61
AFL-CIO Miami 12/7/61
     Press Releases
Agriculture Message to Congress 3/16/61
     Press Releases and Memoranda
Alfalfa Club 1/21/61
American Society of Newspaper Editors 4/20/61
     Drafts and Press Release
American Newspaper Publishers Association 4/27/61
     Draft and Memoranda
Arkansas-Oklahoma Trip 10/29/61
Balance of Payments Message to Congress 2/6/61
     Draft and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Sproul Task Force Report, 1/18/61
Berlin Speech to the Nation 7/25/61
     Draft and Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Budget Message to Congress 3/24/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Conflicts of Interest Message to Congress 4/27/61
     Drafts [2 folders]
     Press Releases and Memoranda

Box 61
Cook County Democratic Dinner, Chicago 4/28/61
     Press Releases
Council of the Organization of American States 4/14/61
Defense Message to Congress 3/28/61
     Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Economic Message to Congress 2/2/61
     Press Release
     Speech Materials
Education Message to Congress 2/20/61
     Memoranda and Speech Materials 11/60 - 2/8/61 [2 folders]
     Memoranda, Speech Materials and Press Release, 2/11/61-2/20/61 and undated
Health and Education Legislation 1960
     Higher Education Directory 1960-61
European Trip-Report to Nation 6/6/61
Foreign Aid Message to Congress 3/22/61
     Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
George Washington University Honorary Degree 5/3/61
     Speaking Copy
Gridiron Club Dinner 3/11/61
     Speaking Copy
Health Message to Congress 2/9/61
Highways Message to Congress 2/28/61
     Draft and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials 7/23/59-2/25/61 and undated [2 folders]
Housing Message to Congress 3/9/61

Box 62
Inaugural Address 1/20/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda, Speech Materials and Correspondence, 12/10/60-5/23/61 and undated
JFK#2 (NBC Television Program) 4/11/61
     Press Releases
Land-Grant University Centennial Tape 11/10/61
Latin American Message to Congress 3/14/61
     Press Release
Latin American Reception 3/13/61
     Press Releases
Massachusetts Legislature 1/9/61
     Press Release
National Association of Manufacturers 12/6/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
National Conference on International Economic and Social Development 6/16/61
     Draft and Press Release
National Football Foundation 12/5/61
     Drafts and Press Release
National Industrial Conference Board 2/13/61
Natural Resources Message to Congress 2/23/61
New Jersey-New York Trip 11/2/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
North Carolina University 10/12/61
     Drafts [2 folders]
     Speaking Copy
     Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials 10/6/61-10/12/61 and undated
     Government Officials and Journalists [3 folders]
     Local Color
     Report on Federal College Scholarship Programs 6/61

Box 63
Ottawa, Canada Trip 5/17/61
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Paris, France Trip May-June 1961
     Drafts and Press Briefings
     Memoranda, Speech Materials and Schedules
Peace Corps Message to Congress 3/1/61
     Press Release and Memorandum
Presidential Messages to Congress 1961
     Tentative Schedules and Memoranda
Presidential Prayer Breakfast 2/9/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
Press Releases 1961[2 folders]
Regulatory Agencies Message to Congress 4/13/61
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
South American Trip, December 1961
     Telegrams and Press Releases
State of the Union Message I 1/30/61
     Press Releases
     Memoranda 12/28/60-1/23/61 and undated
     HEW Memoranda
     Budget Bureau Memoranda re: HEW Proposals
State of the Union Message II (Urgent National Needs) 5/25/61
     Speaking Copy
     Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials

Box 64
     Additional Speech Materials
     Military Assistance
     Foreign Aid
     Cold War Operations - CIA
     Civil Defense
     Second Stage Economic Message [2 folders]
Taxation Message to Congress 4/20/61
     Press Releases
     Tax Policy for 1961 - Taxation Task Force Report l2/31/60 [3 folders]
United Nations 9/25/61
     Drafts [2 folders]
     Speaking Copy and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Memoranda from Government officials re: Draft

Box 65
Veterans Day 11/11/61
West Virginia University (not delivered)
Western Trip 11/16/61 - 11/18/61
University of Washington Anniversary 11/16/61
Senator Warren Magnuson Dinner (Seattle) 11/16/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
Senator Carl Hayden Dinner (Phoenix) 11/17/61
     Drafts and Press Releases
Democratic Party Dinner (Los Angeles) 11/18/61
White House Correspondents Dinner 2/25/61
Young Democrats Convention (Miami) 12/7/61
     Press Release
Advertising Council 3/7/62
     Draft and Press Release
Agriculture Message to Congress 1/31/62
     Memoranda and Speech Materials [2 folders]
Budget Message to Congress 1/18/62
Campaign Speeches 1962
     Memoranda and Speech Materials 7/23/60-11/15/62 [3 folders]
     Speech Materials
          Congressional Quarterly Reports
          Records of House Republicans - Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts

Box 66
          Drafts and Ribicoff Memorandum
          Speech Materials
     Indiana (Indianapolis)
     Maryland (Baltimore)
          Drafts and Press Releases
          Speech Materials and Memoranda
          Draft and Press Releases
          Speaking Copy
          Speech Materials and Memoranda [2 folders]
     Missouri (St. Louis)
     New Jersey
          Speech Materials
     New Mexico
          Speech Materials
     New York
     Ohio (Cleveland)
          Speech Materials
     Pennsylvania. 3 folders
     Washington (Seattle Worlds Fair)
     West Virginia (Wheeling)
          Draft and Press Release
          Speech Materials

Box 67
Cape Canaveral 2/23/62
Capital Improvements Legislation 5/62
     Budget Bureau Proposal
     Bill Reports and Related Materials
Chamber of Commerce Convention 4/30/62
Children's Bureau Anniversary 4/9/62
Committee for Economic Development 5/16/62
     Press Release
Communications Satellite Bill 2/7/62
Conservation Messages 1962
Conservation Conference 5/25/62
Consumers Message to Congress 3/15/62
Defense and Civil Defense Message (not sent)
Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Florida) 3/10/62
Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Inaugural Anniversary) 1/20/62
     Drafts and Press Release
Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Milwaukee) 5/12/62
Economic Report to Congress 1/22/62
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Speech Materials
     Seymour Harris Symposium
Economic Report to the President 1962 (CEA)
Economic Club (New York) 12/14/62
     Drafts [2 folders]
     Speech Materials and Press Release

Box 68
Education Message to Congress 2/6/62
     Memoranda and Press Releases
Foreign Aid Message to Congress (Alianza) 3/13/62
Future Presidential Speeches 1962
Gridiron Club 3/17/62
     Speech Materials
Health Message to Congress 2/27/62
     Press Release
Independence Day (Philadelphia) 7/4/62
     Drafts and Press Release
International Monetary Fund 9/20/62
Mexican Trip 6/62
Mississippi - TV Remarks re: James Meredith and U. of Miss. 9/30/62
New Orleans 5/4/62
New York City 5/18/62 -5/20/62
National Economic Conference 5/62
     Drafts - not used
Medical Care Rally 5/20/62
Nuclear Testing Address to the Nation 3/2/62
     Speaking Copy, Press Releases, Speech Materials
Ohio - Governor Di Salle Dinner 1/6/62
Pay Reform Message to Congress 2/20/62
Peace Corps Letter to Congress 2/26/62
     Memoranda and Press Releases

Box 69
Reciprocal Trade 1962
     Drafts [2 folders]
     Press Releases
     Memoranda [4 folders]
Savings Bonds 1/19/62
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Science and Technology 1962
Space - Rice Institute 9/12/62
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials [2 folders]
State of the Union Message 1/11/62
     Drafts [4 folders]
     Press Releases

Box 70
     Memoranda and Drafts Sent to Agencies
     Agency Comments and Drafts [2 folders]
     Memoranda [2 folders]
     Speech Materials - Past State of the Union Messages 1/21/46 - 1/7/60
Summer Employees Greeting 6/20/62
     Draft and Press Release
Tax Cut - Radio and TV Report on the National Economy 8/13/62
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Speech Materials
Trade Policy Dinner 5/17/62
     Drafts, Press Release, and Memoranda
Transportation Message to Congress 4/5/62
     Draft and Press Release
     Agency Comments
     Memoranda [3 folders]

Box 71
United Auto Workers Convention 5/8/62
     Draft and Press Release
United Nations. Bond Issue 1962
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda [2 folders]
     Memoranda and Committee Reports
University of California (Charter Day) 3/23/62
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Memoranda and Speech Materials from U. of California
Urban Affairs Message to Congress 1/30/62
Voice of America 2/26/62
Welfare Programs Message to Congress. 2/1/62
West Point Commencement 6/6/62
Western Trip (Water Projects) 8/17/62 - 8/19/62
     Oahe Dam
          Drafts and Press Releases
     San Luis Dam
          Drafts and Press Releases
     Drafts and Press Release (including Fryingpan-Arkansas)
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Yale University Commencement 6/11/62
     Press Release
     Memoranda [2 folders]
     Memorandum for McGeorge Bundy
     Speech Materials - the "Myths"

Box 72
Advertising Council 3/13/63
AFL-CIO Convention 11/15/63
Agriculture Message to Congress 1/31/63
Air Force Academy Commencement 6/5/63
American Bankers Association Symposium 2/25/63
     Draft and Press Release
American Society of Newspaper Editors Convention 4/19/63
     Drafts and Press Release
American University Commencement 6/10/63
Amherst - Honorary Degree and Robert Frost Library Groundbreaking 10/26/63
Anti-Defamation League 1/31/63 (not delivered)
Arkansas - Little Rock and Greers Ferry Dam 10/3/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Speech Materials and Printed Materials
     Dedication Booklet (Greers Ferry Dam)
Balance of Payments Message to Congress 7/18/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
Boston 10/19/63
Boston College Honorary Degree 4 /20/63 - Press Release
Budget Message to Congress 1/17/63
Business Committee for Tax Reduction 9/10/63
     Drafts and Press Release
Chicago - O'Hare Airport and Civic Luncheon 3/23/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
(Winston) Churchill Honorary Citizenship 4/9/63

Box 73
Civil Rights Message to Congress 2/28/63
     Drafts [2 folders]
Civil Rights Statements 6/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda [3 folders]
     Printed Materials
Committee for Economic Development 5/9/63
     Drafts and Press Release
Conservation Tour 9/24/63 - 9/29/63
     Drafts and Press Releases 9//24/63
     Drafts and Press Releases and Speech Materials 9/25/63
     Drafts and Press Releases 9/26/63
     Drafts and Press Releases 9/27/63 - 9/28/63
     Drafts - Notebook. 3 folders
Costa Rica 3/18/63 - 3/20/63
     Drafts and Press Releases [2 folders]
Delaware Turnpike Dedication 11/14/63
Democratic Committee Dinner (Philadelphia) 10/30/63
     Drafts and Press Release
District of Columbia Budget Message 1/18/63
     Memoranda and Draft

Box 74
Economic Report of the President 1/21/63
Education Message to Congress 1/29/63
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda. 3 folders
European Trip 6/23/63 - 7/3/63
     Germany and Naples (NATO) - Drafts
     Ireland - Drafts
     Press Releases
Executive Pay Raise 1963
Export Expansion Conference 9/17/63
Florida 11/18/63
Foreign Aid Message to Congress (Message on Free World Defense and Assistance Programs) 4/2/63
     Memoranda and Press Releases
Gridiron Club Dinner 3/9/63
Health Message to Congress 2/7/63
Immigration Message to Congress 7/23/63

Box 75
International Monetary Fund Meeting 9/30/63
Mayors Conference (Hawaii) 6/9/63
     Drafts and Press Release
Mental Health and Mental Retardation Message to Congress 2/5/63
     Drafts and Press Release
     Speech Materials
Miscellaneous 1963
     Drafts, Press Releases, and Memoranda
National Council of Churches (Philadelphia) 12/3/63
New York. (Dedication of East Coast Memorial and Birthday Salute to the President) 5/23/63
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (TV and Radio Address) 7/26/63
Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Special Message to the Senate) 8/8/63
Presidential Prayer Breakfast 2/7/63
     Draft and Press Release
Protestant Council 11/8/63
Railroad Rules Dispute Message to Congress 7/22/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda [3 folders]
     Department of Commerce Memorandum
     Report to the President on the Railroad Rules Dispute

Box 76
San Diego State College Commencement 6/6/63
Senior Citizens Message to Congress 2/21/63
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
State of the Union Message 1/14/63
     Drafts [3 folders]
     Press Releases
     Memoranda. 2 folders
Tax Reduction and Reform Message to Congress 1/24/63
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda [2 folders]
     Speech Materials
Tax Message to the Nation (TV) 9/18/63
     Memoranda. 2 folders
Tennessee Valley Authority (Muscle Shoals) 5/18/63

Box 77
Texas 11/21/63 - 11/22/63
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda and Speech Materials [2 folders]
Transportation Letter to Congress 3/5/63
University of Maine - Honorary Degree 10/19/63
United Nations 9/20/63
Vanderbilt University Anniversary 5/18/63
World Food Congress 6/4/63
     Drafts and Press Release
Youth Message to Congress 2/14/63

Series 9. LBJ Speech Files, 1963-64.
Box 77 (Half box).
Arrangement: alphabetically by year.

Lyndon B. Johnson presidential speech files comprise mostly background memoranda on issues such as agriculture, conservation, and foreign aid. Included are suggested State of the Union Message drafts from Abe Fortas and Henry Fowler, and UN speech drafts from Dean Acheson, Adlai Stevenson, Tom Sorensen, Harlan Cleveland, and William Attwood.

Box 77
Accomplishments 1963
     Heller Memorandum
Agriculture Message 1964
Congressional Address 11/27/63
     Memoranda and Speech Materials
     Drafts and Press Releases
Conservation Message 1964
Disarmament Messages 1/21/63
Foreign Aid Message 1964
Housing and Community Development Message 1/27/64
     Draft and Press Release
Miscellaneous Messages
NEA Journal 12/63
State of the Union Message 1/8/64
     Drafts and Press Releases
     Memoranda [2 folders]
United Nations 12/17/63
     Drafts and Press Release
     Memoranda and Speech Materials

Series 10. Sorensen Speeches, 1961-1964.
Boxes 78-82 (5 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetically by subject.

This series contains the drafts, speech copies, press releases, related correspondence, invitations, and programs pertaining to speeches given by Theodore Sorensen during his tenure in the White House as Special Counsel to the President. Most folders contain drafts or notes for his speeches, however not all files have a copy of the speech. The series also contains travel plans, thank you letters, arrangements for speaking, public reaction to speeches, etc.  Sorensen's speech file for the George Norris Centennial Dinner in McCook, Nebraska, July 11, 1961, in which he referred to Nebraska as "a place to come from or a place to die," contains a great deal of public opinion mail relating to the speech. There is also much background material on George Norris in preparation for speeches at Norris Centennial Dinners.  The Gino Speranza Lectures delivered by Mr. Sorensen at Columbia University were later published as a book, Decision Making in the White House. The background materials, drafts, copies of the lectures, and correspondence relating to the lectures and the book, are found here.

Box 78
American Food for Peace Council (San Francisco) 1/29/62
Aspen Institute for Humanistic Studies 8/63
Boston Jewish Community Council 12/23/62
Brandeis University 3/22/63
California Democratic Council (Fresno) 1/27/62
     Speech Copy Requests A-Z [2 folders]
Citizens for Swainson (Detroit) 6/24/62
Democratic Midwest Conference (Madison) 10/5/63
Drysalters Club (Boston) 1/24/64
(Myer) Feldman Testimonial Dinner 4/29/61
Foreign Student Service Council 1/31/62
Georgetown Law Day 5/1/61
     Draft and Memoranda
Magazine Publishers Association 3/25/63
     Draft and Memoranda
(George) McGovern Rally 8/12/62
"Meet the Press" 11/4/62
Eisenhower Speech 10/25/62
     Fan Mail
New England Council Conference (Boston) 11/15/62
     Drafts and Press Release

Box 79
New Frontier Club (Washington, DC) 2/19/62
     Draft and Memoranda
(George) Norris Centennial Dinner (Washington, D.C.) 5/16/61
     Drafts and Press Release
     Speech Materials [2 folders]
     Fan Mail
(George) Norris Centennial Dinner (McCook, Nebraska) 7/11/61
     Drafts and Press Release
     Speech Reactions
     Support from Political Figures
          Support [4 folders]
     News Clippings [3 folders]
     Speech Materials - HEW Report [2 folders]

Box 80
Omaha, Nebraska - Democratic Dinner 11/1/63
     Press Releases
     Speech Materials
     HEW Report
Sigma Delta Chi (Journalists Society) Norfolk, Va. 5/5/62
     Drafts and Memoranda
Smaller Business Association of New England (Boston) 1/17/64
(Gino) Speranza Lectures (Columbia University) 4/18 and 5/9/63
     "The Olive Branch or the Arrows"
          Lecture I, 4/18/63
          Lecture II, 5/9/63
          Memoranda [2 folders]
          Speech Materials [2 folders]
          Fan Mail - Dean Acheson and Harry S. Truman
          Fan Mail and Lecture Requests [2 folders]

Box 81
(Gino) Speranza Lectures (Columbia University) 4/18 and 5/9/63 (cont'd.)
     "The Olive Branch or the Arrows" (cont'd.)
          Newsclippings and Publicity [2 folders]
          Scrapbook of Press Releases and Newsclippings
          Saturday Review - "How the President Makes A Decision'' 7/27/63 and 8/3/63
               Galley Proofs
          Fan Mail (including appearance on Today Show)
     Decision-Making in the White House
          Lecture I edited
          Lecture II edited
          Draft Miscellaneous
          Correspondence [3 folders]
          Fan Mail [2 folders]

Box 82
Ten Outstanding Young Men Award (Santa Monica, Cal.) 1/20/62
     1960 Nomination (TCS)
     Nomination and Acceptance (TCS)
     Acceptance (TCS)
     Fan Mail
Unitarian Universalist Association (Washington, DC) 5/24/62
     Draft and Memoranda
"Washington Conversation" (TV Program) 9/16/62
     Transcript and Memoranda
"Washington Report" (TV Program) 1/20/63
     Transcript and Memoranda
Wellesley College 12/13/63
     Correspondence and Fan Mail
Western Trip 8/3 - 8/7/62
     Correspondence [2 folders]
Wisconsin Law School 4/25/64
Women's National Democratic Club 11/11/63
Young Democrats (Arlington, Va.) 10/10/62
Young Presidents' Organization (Bermuda) 10/24 - 10/27/62 (cancelled)
     Correspondence [2 folders]

Series 11. Chronological File, 1962-64.
Box 83 (1 box).
Arrangement: chronological.

Carbon copies of outgoing correspondence and memoranda of Theodore C. Sorensen. These are duplicates of correspondence and memoranda found in the other series of correspondence for the Presidential years.

Box 83
7/16/62 - 7/31/62
8/1/62 - 8/31/62
9/4/62 - 9/20/62
10/1/62 - 10/30/62
11/1/62 - 11/30/62
12/1/62 - 12/26/62
1/2/63 - 1/31/63
2/1/63 - 2/28/63
3/1/63 - 3/28/63
4/1/63 - 4/29/63
5/1/63 - 5/29/63
6/4/63 - 6/24/63
7/1/63 - 7/31/63
8/1/63 - 8/29/63
9/5/63 - 9/30/63
10/1/63 - 10/31/63
11/4/63 - 11/23/63
12/2/63 - 12/26/63
1/2/64 - 1/20/64
1/21/64 - 2/1/64

Series 12. Personal Correspondence Files, 1960-64.
Boxes 84-93 (11 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical and chronological.

This series consists of correspondence, memoranda, clippings, etc., reflecting the activities of Theodore C. Sorensen during his service in the White House as Special Counsel to the President. Much of the correspondence is with family, friends, and associates, some of it personal in nature. Included are requests for speaking engagements, questions about the President's speeches, correspondence about trips and activities of Theodore C. Sorensen, requests for assistance in obtaining employment, thank you letters, etc. Some correspondence and memoranda with other members of the Administration are of a more substantive nature.  Correspondents include Adlai Stevenson, Chester Bowles, James P. Warburg, Joseph Kraft, and Joshua Logan. At the end of the series are four folders of correspondence relating to the writing of Sorensen's book Kennedy.  The 1961-64 correspondence is arranged in alphabetical order by year.

Box 84
Post-election - pre-Inaugural Correspondence [9 folders]
Correspondence re 1960 election answered by robotype
A - Suggestions
Al - Congratulations and Suggestion
A2 - Congratulations, Suggestions, and Offers of Help
A3 - Policy Suggestions
A3.1 - Congratulations and Policy Suggestions
A3.2 - Congratulations, Policy Suggestions, and Offers of Help
B - Congratulations. 2 folders
B1 - Congratulations and Offers of Help
C - Congratulations and Support

Box 84A
Gifts Declined
A - E 1961 [9 folders]

Box 85
F - R 1961 [19 folders]

Box 86
S - Z 1961 [14 folders]
A - C 1962 [7 folders]

Box 87
D - PE 1962 [19 folders]

Box 88
PF - Z 1962 [17 folders]
A - B 1963 [3 folders]

Box 89
C - L 1963 [18 folders]

Box 90
M - Z 1963 [18 folders]

Box 91
A - Z 1964 [9 folders]
Condolence Calls
Condolence Mail A - M [8 folders]

Box 92
Condolence Mail N - Z [5 folders]
Departure from White House
     General Fan Mail [8 folders]

Box 93
     Letters from Friends [4 folders]
     Letters from Religious
     Offers from Lecture Bureaus
     Offers of Employment
     Speaking Requests [4 folders]
     Thank You Letters to White House Staff
book by TCS
     Correspondence with publishers
     Job applicants
     Requests for book

Series 13. Personal Subject File, 1961-64.
Boxes 94-101 (8 boxes).
Arrangement: alphabetical by type.

Various personal files that Theodore Sorensen kept while in the White House, mainly correspondence relating to business and social invitations, as well as agendas, receipts, telephone call listings, etc., reflecting his activities as Special Counsel to the President. There is one folder of "historical" material concerning Theodore C. Sorensen's early days in Washington, and one folder of material relating to Barry Goldwater's charges about Sorensen's draft status.

Box 94
     General [4 folders]
     Cabinet meetings
     Legislative Leaders Breakfasts [3 folders]
Autograph requests
Congratulations received
Contributions (Requests for)
Draft Status
Historical (TCS 1951-1964)
Hospitalization 9/61
     Accepted 1961 [2 folders]

Box 95
     Regretted 1961 A-Q [7 folders]

Box 96
     Regretted 1961 R-Z [2 folders]
     Accepted 1962 [4 folders]
     Regretted 1962 A-G [3 folders]

Box 97
     Regretted 1962 H-Z [7 folders]
     Accepted - Business 1963
     Regretted - Business 1963 [2 folders]
     Accepted - Social 1963 A-J

Box 98
     Accepted - Social 1963 K-Z
     Regretted - Social 1963 [4 folders]
     Student Groups 1963
     Accepted - Business 1964
     Regretted - Business 1964
     Accepted - Social 1964
     Regretted - Social 1964
Press Conversations

Box 99
Receipts 1/61 - 6/63 [9 folders]

Box 100
Receipts 7/63 - 12/63 [2 folders]
Schedules (Daily) [3 folders]
Telephone calls [3 folders]

Box 101 
Telephone calls [4 folders]
Television and Radio Appearances

Sub-collection 3. Post Assassination.

Series 14. Drafts of Kennedy and The Kennedy Legacy.
Boxes 102-103 (2 boxes).
Arrangement: chapter by draft.

This series contains the outline, handwritten drafts, and galley proof of Sorensen's book Kennedy and the handwritten drafts of The Kennedy Legacy. The draft chapter titles of both Kennedy and The Kennedy Legacy do not always correspond to the chapter titles of the published works.

Box 102
Kennedy - handwritten draft
     Chapter 1 - "The Man"
     Chapter 2 - "The Senator"
     Chapter 3 - "The Politician"
     Chapter 4 - "The Contender"
     Chapter 5 - "The Nomination"
     Chapter 6 - "The Religious Issue"
     Chapter 7 - "The Election"
     Chapter 8 - "The Kennedy Presidency"
     Chapter 9 - "The Team"
     Chapter 10 - "The Office"
     Chapter 11 - "The Pursuit of Excellence"
     Chapter 12 - "The Public"
     Chapter 13 - "The Congress"
     Chapter 14 - "The Fight Against Recession"
     Chapter 15 - "The Fight Against Inflation"
     Chapter 16 - "The Fight for Equal Rights"
     Chapter 17 - "The Olive Branch"
     Chapter 18 - "The Arrows"

Box 103
     Chapter 19 - "Continuing Crises"
     Chapter 19 - "Early Crises: The Bay of Pigs"
     Chapter 22 - "The Confrontation in Cuba"
     Chapter 23 - "The Strategy of Peace"
Kennedy - galley proof
The Kennedy Legacy - handwritten draft
     Chapter I - An Overview
     Chapter II - Derivations and Development
     Chapter III - Principles and Performance
     Chapter IV - The Future


Series 15. Personal Subject File, 1969-94.
Addition of September 1994 (Acc. 1994-066)
About 1000 items (1.6 linear feet), boxes 104-106 (3 boxes).
Received from Theodore C. Sorensen, New York, NY.

Arrangement: by type of material, thereunder chronologically by year.

These boxes contain both personal and business correspondence and articles written by and about Sorensen. The series is arranged into several smaller types of material: correspondence, campaign files, and press.

Box 104
     Childhood, 1934 1941
Campaign Files
     1970, Citizens for Sorensen
     1965 - 1984
     1969, Foreign Press

Box 105
     1969 - 1970
     1969 1970, Mrs. Sorensen
     1970 (3 folders)
     1973 1979
     1980 1983

Box 106
Sorensen, Gillian Martin

Oversized Box 1
1945 Lincoln, Nebraska H.S. Yearbook
1 letter " Dear T & G " signed " love, R & D "
1 book 4 cent George W. Norris postage stamps 1961
1 book 4 cent Project Mercury commemorative postage stamps
Manila envelope photos of first astronauts 11
1 large scrapbook mostly very fragile clippings
Newspaper and Periodical articles re: JFK and/or TS

Series 16. Examining the Cuban Missile Crisis Files, 1961 2001.
Addition of August 2001 (Acc. 2001-451)
About 235 items (11 linear feet).
Received from Theodore C. Sorensen, New York, NY


Subseries 16.1. Background Material 1961 1992.
About 80 items
Arrangement: chronological.

This subseries contains materials used in the study of the Cuban Crisis as well as some of the materials resulting from conferences and study groups on the subject.


Box 107
Digest of Soviet Press
, 1961-1962
Articles, Correspondence and Transcripts 1972-1992
Sanitized Transcript of Off-the-record Meeting on Cuba 1983
Preliminary Document Catalog
May 1987
October 1987
Fear and Learning in a Nuclear Crisis, 1987

Box 108  
The Eleventh Hour of the Cuban Missile Crisis, International Security 1987
Draft of A Chronology of the Cuban Missile Crisis
Why Cuba Was Resolved Correspondence and some chapters

Box 109  
The Edge of the Precipice: U.S> Deliberations and Negotiations During the Cuban
Missile Crisis, Balance of Resolve, Gabrielle S. Brussel, December 1991
Correspondence RE The Titans
The Titans (A Play)
Report on Moscow Trip, Jim Blight, 1991
Pipsqueak Power: The Centrality and Anomaly of Cubas Role in U.S.-USSR
Relations, Jorge I, Dominguez, 1991
Freedom of Information Suit: Brenner vs. Department of State (2 folders)
John F. Kennedy Library Press Kit RE Presidential Recordings
Correspondence and Transcripts about the Presidential Recordings


Subseries 16.2 Conferences and Study Groups, 1981 1992.
About 125 Items
Arrangement: chronological.

This subseries contains materials, letters, and correspondence resulting from renewed study of the Cuban Missile Crisis beginning in 1981. The study became a tri-partite effort with participants from the U.S., Russia, and Cuba and culminated in the conference in Havana in 1992. Of special note is a January 22, 1983 discussion in Atlanta between Dean Rusk, McGeorge Bundy, Edwin Martin, Donald Wilson and Richard Neustadt and an undated discussion between Robert McNamara, George Ball, U. Alexis Johnson, McGeorge Bundy and Richard Neustadt.


Box 110 
Cuba Study Group
Dealing with Cuba 1981-1982
Cuba U.S. Relations 1983
Hawks Cay Conference
1986 letter, list of contents, participants, and briefing materials
iv 417 (4 folders)
Thirteen Days and The Cuban Missile Crisis
Memoranda and handwritten notes

Box 111 
Presidential Recording Transcriptions (2 sets)
Letter 4/14/87, letter 9/8/87, Proceedings, Final Version, 8/12/87
Cambridge Conference
Notes and Articles, October 1987
Draft of Proceedings, December 1987
Proceedings, Final Version 1988
Moscow Conference, January 27-29, 1989
Moscow, Havana, and The Cuban Missile Crisis Following up on the
Background for the Antigua Conference, 1991

Box 112 
Antigua Conference 1991 U.S., U.S.S.R., and Cuba
Cuba between the Superpowers Transcript of Meetings Antigua Conference
Letters, Correspondence after Antigua Conference
Documents for Havana Conference
Recent Developments Follow up to Conferences leading to Havana Conference
Havana Conference on the Cuban Missile Crisis January 8-12, 1992
Conference in Havana 1992 Articles and letters


Subseries 16.3. Decision (1976) and Thirteen Days1997-2001.
About 30 items
Arrangement: by book, thereunder by type of material.

This subseries contains correspondence and material concerning Mr. Sorensens book, Decision, and correspondence, notes and articles about the movie, Thirteen Days.


Box 112
Correspondence and a copy
    Correspondence, written copy, and galleys
    First draft with written corrections

Box 113
    Second draft with revisions
    Final draft
    Edited manuscript with corrections
Thirteen Days
Correspondence, Notes, and Articles
    The script dated 1997
Volumes Accompanying the Collection

Series 17. President's Appointments, January 1961 February 1964.
Addition of pre-October 2001 (Unknown Accession)
Received from Theodore C. Sorensen.
About 400 items (.5 linear feet).
Arrangement: chronological by year.

This series contains copies of the President's daily appointment schedules.

Box 114
1962 (3 folders)
1963 (3 folders)

Series 18. Senate Campaign, 1970.
About: 800 items.
Arrangement: unarranged.

This series contains materials pertaining to the 1970 campaign of Theodore Sorensen for U.S. Senator.

Box 115 
Campaign literature samples
Lists, notes, clippings, and reports
Campaign letters, and correspondence
Releases for Ted
Campaign folder
Letters and correspondence
Tax records
Ted's File 1970 (2 folders)
The Campaign Story (1 of 2 folders)

Box 116 
The Campaign Story (2 of 2 folders)
Buttons, stickers, etc.
Mailings and Position Papers
Other Mailings, Releases, etc.
Campaign Newsclips
Bound copies of Press Releases, etc

Series 19. The Democratic Party 1968 1992.
About: 1200 items.
Arrangement: chronological by year and subject.

This series contains materials illustrating Mr. Sorensens involvement in the activities of the Democratic Party as well as his role in the individual campaigns of other leaders of the party.

Box 117 
Miscellaneous Materials
Task Force 1969
New Democratic Coalition 1970
N.Y. Speakers Advisory Committee 1975 (2 folders)
Democratic Foreign Policy
Center for New Democracy 1985
Solarz Task Force 1986
Democratic Policy Committee 1986
N.Y. Democratic Ethics Committee
Speech material for Presidential Campaigns (2 folders)

Box 118 
Presidential Campaign 1984
Democratic Convention 1988
Presidential Campaign 1988 (3 folders)
Democratic Convention 1992
Koch 1968
Goldberg 1970
Muskie 1972
McGovern 1972
Jackson (Scoop) 1975
E.M.K. 1976 & 1980

Box 119 
Carter 1976
Charles Evers 1978
Sen. Culver 1980
Sen. D'Amato 1983
Sen. Cranston 1983
Gary Hart 1984 (2 folders)
Sen. Nunn 1987
Gary Hart 1988
Cuomo 1988
Paul Simon 1988
Mert Bernstein 1991
Sen. Harris Wofford 1991
Sen. Robert Kerrey 1991
Sen. Albert Gore Jr. 1988 & 1992

Series 20. Presidential Transitions.
About 500 items.
Arrangement: chronological by subject.

This series examines the process of transitioning from one administration to the next.

Box 120 
Transition Papers 1960 Richard Neustadt
Analyses of problems
Transition 1960 Required for 1972
Transition 1972 with ramifications for 1973
1976 Cabinet with Neustadt Memo
Carter Transition with Sorensen Memos. (2 folders)

Box 121 
Materials from the 80s
Clinton, 1992

Series 21. Nomination of Theodore C. Sorensen for Director of Central Intelligence.
About 800 items.
Arrangement: chronological by subject.

This section contains materials which relate to Mr. Sorensen's nomination by President Jimmy Carter to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency. It includes events leading up to the confirmation hearings, the hearings, withdrawal of the nomination, and the aftermath.

Box 121 
Schedules, logs, letters
FBI Freedom of Information
FBI file on Sorensen
Pertaining to Confirmation Hearings
Preparing for Hearings

Box 122 
Letters of Congratulations (3 folders)
Letters with requests for the DCI
Strange letters to the DCI
Form letters, mailing lists, and other documents
1978 Responses to holiday letters of 1977
Hearing, withdrawal, and aftermath (2 folders)
Items concerning nomination controversies

Series 22. Kennedy Related Materials.
About 400 items.
Arrangement: unarranged.

This series contains letters, correspondence, and other materials that pertain to members of the Kennedy family, the Kennedy Library, or to events significant to the Kennedy family.

Box 123
J.F.Kennedy Library Clippings
Sorensen Fellowship
Correspondence and other materials re: Profiles in Courage
Paper:"The Kennedy Experiment" by Amitae Etzioni
JBKO and T.White re: "Camelot" also other articles about JBKO
Seymour Hersh Reviews etc.
Auction E. Lincoln
Correspondence with the Kennedys
Shriver Correspondence
Boston Symphony 1966 Sykeman
Kennedy Oratorio
Kennedy Center 1966 1995
JFKjr, George, and Castro
Carter, JBKO, et al

Series 23. Personal Correspondence, 1965-1997.
About 1600 items.
Arrangement: chronological by type.

This series contains various types of personal correspondence, mostly from 1965 through 1968, but also containing some from 1986 through 1997.

Box 124 
Requests for Information, Photos, Autographs, etc. (2 folders)
Invitations accepted,follow-ups, etc. 1966 (3 folders)

Box 125 
Invitations declined 1966 (3 folders)
Pres. Carter letter re: Sorensen book review 1986
Correspondence 1988 1997 (3 folders)

Box 126 
Special correspondence 1967 1968 (3 folders)
Other correspondence 1968 (2 folders)

Box 127 
Correspondence, 1967 1965 (filed in reverse order of dates, 7 folders)

Series 24. Special Subject Files.
About 400 items.
Arrangement: by subject.

This series contains files which do not seem to fit under other series.

Box 128 
Princeton University Woodrow Wilson School (2 folders)
FBI The Byck Tapes Letter Clippings
1983 Letter from Puerto Rico Copy of 1982 Governor's Address
Tributes to Tom Sorensen - Died Nov. 5, 1997

Series 25. News Clippings, 1965 1967.

Subseries 25.1. Early Clippings, 1965 1967.
About 200 items.
Arrangement: chronological.

This subseries contains early newspaper clippings related to Theodore Sorensen.

Box 129
Undated Articles Re: Speeches
1965 - One article
1966 - Undated clips
1966 Chronological
1967 - January - March
1967 April December

Subseries 25.2. Family Newsclippings.
About 200 items.
Arrangement: chronological.

Contains newsclippings and correspondence sent to Sorensen by family members.


Box 129
1957 - 1959
Kennedy-Sorensen 1962

Box 130 
Kennedy Sorensen Johnson 1963
Kennedy White House and transition to LBJ
1963 1967 plus 1 item from 1987
1965 1979 includes campaign and wedding
1970s, 1980s and 1990s
1976 1977 Sorensen and CIA appointment

Subseries 25.3. Scrapbooks, 1943-1966.
4 items.
Arrangement: by subject.

This subseries contains oversize scrapbooks of Theodore Sorensen and his wife, Ruth.

Scrapbook by Ruth Sorensen 1943-1945
Scrapbook - High School mostly 1945
Scrapbook College, Law School, and YMCA 1945 - 1950
Scrapbook from Japan, 1966

Series 26. Sorensens Farewell.
About 100 items.
Arrangement: by type.

This series contains correspondence, invitations, photographs, articles, awards and a guest book related to the retirement of Theodore Sorensen.

Box 131 
Personal Correspondence 1966 1969
Invitation to Party
Photos from Party
Magazine Articles
Meet the Press Photo 1964
Guest Book for Farewell Party
Award from Mass. Committee of Catholics, Protestants, and Jews
Other Awards Medallion, Plaque

Series 27. Books and Other Documents.
The following contain contributions from Mr. Sorensen.  * Transferred to Printed Materials Collections.
Remaining printed materials are located in Boxes 156 and 157.

Box 132 
Books and Reports
    Rise of the American Nation, Todd and Curti,1982
    Amerika na Raskrscu
, Alexander Nenadovic, 1984
    Obstacle Course:Task Force on Presidential Appointment Process
, 1996
    Public Affairs in National Focus,1966
    Hearings: Electing the President
, 1969

Box 133 
    Human Rights,
American Bar Association, 1975
    Foreign Affairs,
July 1976
    The President, The Attorney General, and The Department of Justice, White,
    Burkett, Miller Center of Public Affairs, 1980
    Hearings:Taskforce on Elections,1982
    Russian periodical, 1988
    U.S. Military Academy44th Annual Student Conference,1992
Other Volumes, Publications, and Papers
    * 26 Foreign Language Copies of Kennedy by Theodore C. Sorensen
    Commager on Toqueville, H.S.Commager, 1993 (insc. to TCS)
    Blueprint for Peace Editor, Richard Gardner, 1966 (insc. to TCS)
    * In Place of Folly, Norman Cousins, 1961
    Regresso Adiado, Manuel Rui, 1985 (insc. to TCS)
    Sim Camorado, Manuel Rui, 1985 (insc. to TCS)
    * How to Control the Military, John. Kenneth Galbraith, 1969
    * Soviet Views on the Cuban Missile Crisis, Ed. R.Pope, 1982
    Hacia Un Mundo Nuevo, Robert Kennedy, 1968
    Cartas a Patrick, Rafael del Naranco, 1995 (insc. by author)
    Let America Decide, Task Force on Pres. Debates, 1995
    Il Sogno Spezzato, Walter Veltrone, 1993
    Witness to History 19291969, Charles Bohlen, 1973
    * Public Papers of the Presidents
    John F.Kennedy 1961
    John F. Kennedy 1962
    John F. Kennedy 1963
    Congressional Directory
88th Congress 1st Session March 1963
    * L'eredite dei Kennedy, Sorensen 1969 (2 volumes)
    Andres Bello, Rafael Caldera, 1935
    El Bloque Latino- Americano, Rafael Caldera, 1970 (insc. by author)
    * 2 vol. Kennedy Arven Theodore Sorensen 1970
    * Het Testament Van De Kennedy's Sorensen 1969
    * Das Vermachtnis der Kennedys Sorensen 1969
    * Como Decide Alla Casa Bianca Sorensen 1966
    A Resume of Andre Bello Rafael Caldera 1971
    Towards A New Hemisphere Treatment Rafael Caldera 1970
    Andres Bello Rafael Caldera 1994 (insc. by Author)
    Word Politics Franck and Weisband 1971 (insc. by Author)
    * The Liberal Hour J.K. Galbraith 1960 (insc. by author)
    The Year of the Monkey W.J.McGill 1982 (insc. by author)
    Ethics in Government Paul H. Douglas 1952
    Since 1792 William Gruyer 1967 (insc. by author)
    The Powell Affair Andy Jacobs 1973 (insc. by author)
    The Coming Political Breakthrough Chester Bowles 1959
    * U.S. Senators and Their World David Matthews 1960 (insc. by author)
    New Dimensions of Political Economy Walter W. Heller 1966 (insc. by author)
    * Journeying Far and Wide Philip M. Kaiser 1992 (insc. by author)
    Combat Warren Rudman 1996 (insc. by author)
    Shades of Freedom A.Leon Higginbotham,Jr. 1996 (insc. by author)
    Overtaken by Events John Bartlow Martin 1966 ( author)
    * Behind the Ballots James A. Farley 1938 (insc. by author)
    The New Elite David Lebedoff 1981 (insc. by author)
    * The Great Treasury Raid Philip Stern 1962 (insc. by author)
    * Report to JFK The Skybolt Crisis Richard Neustadt 1999 (insc. by author)
    Will America Grow Up Before It Grows Old? P.Peterson 1996 ( author)
    * The 1928 Campaign Peel and Donnelly 1931
    A Catholic Runs for President Edmund Moore 1956
    Haiti Le Point de Non-Retour Wilbert Hyacinthe 1990 (insc by author)
    Towards a New International Economic Order Bedjaoui 1979 ( author)
Published Reports and Papers
    Intelligence Assessment and Policymaking Brookings Institution
    War Powers and the Constitution AEI Forums
    * Religion and the Constitution AEI Forums
    To Form a Government Lloyd M. Cutler
    * A Civilian's Reflection on the Defense Establishment Roswell Gilpatric
    Report to the President the Congress, and the Special Representative
    For Trade Negotiations 1979
    New Ireland Forum Report 1984
(insc. to TCS)
    A Quiet Broker William Shannon
    Hearings 91st Congress 1970
    Hearing 92nd Congress S.J. Res. 77 1972
    * U.S.Government and the Vietnam War 1961-1964 1984
    Electoral Coalition Building and RFK's 1968 Campaign-thesis by Richard
    Dawson Kahlenberg 1985
    Judge Simon H. Rifkind A Memorial 1985
    A Collection Robert Trautman 1987 (insc. by compiler)
    * Ten Letters in October, Role of Diplomacy in the Cuban Missile Crisis A
           senior thesis by Maureen Curran 1976
    * Presidential Studies Quarterly Fall 1976
    Working Paper Special Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated
    Emergency Powers Senate 1974
    Final Report on the Special Committee on National Emergencies and Delegated Emergency Powers Senate  
    Specialists and Generalists Committee on Government Operations, U.S. Senate 1968
    Negotiation and Statecraft Committee on Government Operations, U.S.Senate 1970
    Councils and Committees Committee on Government Operations, U.S. Senate 1972
    Delegate Selection Rules 1980 Democratic National Convention
    Democratic National Committee 1978
    * Letters to Kennedy J.K. Galbraith 1998
    Watergate: Its Implications for Responsible Government NAPA 1974

Series 28. Robert F. Kennedy Office.
About 800 items.
Arrangement: unarranged.

Contains press releases, statements, and speeches from the office of Senator Robert F. Kennedy.

Box 134
2 folders
3 folders

Box 135
2 folders
2 folders

Series 29. Robert F. Kennedy Presidential Campaign, 1968.
About 1200 items.
Arrangement: by type.

Contains campaign material such as correspondence, schedules, memoranda, press releases, as well as mateiral related to the assassination and the funeral. It also contains material concerning the campaign after the funeral as it touched the followers of Robert F. Kennedy.

Box 136
Telephone messages, April/May 1968
TCS Schedules , speeches , and interviews
Sorensen for delegate
Correspondence April/May 1968
Promotional materials and stationery
TCS memos and notes Jan.- June 1968
Funeral and Memorials

Box 137
Volunteers/Contributors 1968 Primary
Condolences Ref. 1
Condolences Ref. 2 (What to do/ what can we do)
Condolences and Support Ref 3
Eulogy and requests for copies. Ref 4
Sympathy ( not answered)
Unanswered letters asking who to support, what to do
Gun control
Convention 1968
Letters re: candidate to support
Letters / misc material
Summer 1968 Filing

Box 138
Primaries, numbers, percentages
Correspondence and materials April-June
Hoover Wiretapping stories
Materials and Correspondence March- May
Materials and Correspondence previous yrs and March- May
Press coverage pre 1968, Campaign, Post-Assassination

Series 30. Berk v. Laird.
About 400 items.
Arrangement: by type.

Contains the documentation of a case in which two soldiers sued the Secretary of Defense, and others over being sent to Indo-China.

Box 139
Numbered bound briefs (3 folders)
Berk Personnel File 5/6/69 4/29/70
Plaintiffs Memoranda and Appendix U.S. District Court

Box 140
U.S. Court of Appeals 2nd Circuit Appendix 2 folders
U.S. Supreme Court 1969 Application for Temporary injunction
Misc. Court Papers
Correspondence re: Berk v. Laird 6/9/1970 7/21/1971

Series 31. Carter Mondale Transition.
About 1200 items.
Arrangement: by subject and type.

This series contains material relevant to the transition from one administration to another. In this case the Ford administration (Republican) to the Carter administration (Democrat). It includes foreign policy, defense, and appointments.

Box 141
Speeches of Governor Carter
Foreign Policy and Defense Issues (3 folders)
Transition And Foreign Policy (1-3 of 4 folders)

Box 142
Transition and Foreign Policy (#4 of 4 folders)
General Transition (3 folders)
TCS Invitations accepted/declined
TCS Invitations Regretted
Transition Pre and Post CIA Appointment
Transition TCS appointment to CIA

Box 143
Thanks for Aid and Assistance and some return letters (re: appt.)
TCS transition expenses
Congratulations to Appointees and their thank you letters
Congratulatory letters on Appt.
Letter of thanks to to Senate Intelligence Committee and replies
Letters of Support an Thank you letters re:Appt. to CIA 3 folders

Series 32. Writings of Theodore C. Sorensen.
About 4400 items.
Arrangement: chronological by book, thereunder by type of material.

This series contains manuscripts, rough copies, correspondence, and other materials relating to Sorensen's major published works.

Box 144 
    Responses (3 folders)
    Correspondence and requests (2 folders)
    Harper & Row permissions (2 folders)
    Harper & Row reviews and lists

Box 145
    Harper & Row general correspondence
    German reviews and publicity materials
    Foreign rights
The Kennedy Legacy 1969
    1st manuscript w/corrections (2 folders)
    2nd Manuscript w/corrections and set up notes (2 folders)
    Fragments of manuscripts w/notes

Box 146
Watchmen in the Night 1975
    Handwritten original copy
    Confidential draft and master (Nov. 4) (3 folders)
    Edited first draft 
    1st Typing [?]
    3rd Typing [?]

Box 147
    Oct. 1 New master
    Final, 12/9/74
    Draft copy with notes and corrections (2 folders)
    MIT Press correspondence (2 folders)

Box 148 
    Mailing lists and labels
    Page proofs and notes
A Widening Atlantic, 1985
    Comments of Advisory Group Council on Foreign Relations
    Page proofs and notes
    Master copy, 12/3/85
    Preparation for writing
    Council on Foreign Relations - book mailings

Box 149
Let the Word Go Forth 1990
    Typed manuscript (5 folders)
    Typed Manuscript #2 (1 of 3 folders)

Box 150 
    Typed Manuscript #2 (2-3 of 3 folders)
    Typed Manuscript #3 (4 folders)

Box 151 
    Foul Matter (4 folders)
    Miscellaneous loose papers (3 folders)

Box 152
Why I Am a Democrat 1995
    Master manuscript 1995: Oct.-Dec. (2 folders)
    Redraft submitted to publisher, 1/29/96
    Page proofs (2 folders)
    Final manuscript 1/29/96 (2 folders)

Box 153
    Drafts of articles
    Handwritten notes, etc.
    book articles
    Events at the Kennedy Library
Events and appearances, June/July
Chicago and the National Democratic Institute
Nebraska, September
State of New York, October

Box 154
Providence (Sept.) Smithsonian (December)
Correspondence re: distribution of galleys and books
Response to mailings
Holt correspondence and notes
Comments and correspondence
Reviews and other print comments
Easton first edition leather bound

Series 33. Early Papers of Theodore C. Sorensen.
About 400 items.
Arrangement: by subject and type.

This series contains documents from Sorensens early life and education as well as some documents important to his extensive legal career.

Box 155
Church, Elementary, and Junior High School
TCSs writings, awards and school papers ( 2 folders)
News articles about TCS in school
High school reports
University reports
Applications of TCS office file
D.C. Bar applications
Pencil notes and extra copies
Material received
Memos and letters re: application of Sorensen
Admission to the bar in N.Y.
Admission to the Southern District Court etc.

Series 34. Audiovisual Materials.
About 75 items.
Arrangement: by type of media, thereunder by title.

Audiovisual materials consist of sound reels, cassette tapes, audio tapes, photographs and scrapbooks and are located in the Audiovisual Collection.

    Under Scrutiny 12/22/94 Fox Cable (Cuban MC Tapes?)
    Charlie Rose Frady/Trillins/ Sorensen
    Today 8/9/99
    TCS Book comments on Eye on Asia TV (6/22/96)
    Hodo Tokusen If Kennedy Were Alive 4/29/92
    Ted Sorensen/Pro-Media August 29-1996
    An Evening at the Market Theater May 9, 1994 Johannesburg, South Africa
    Positive Thinking The Norman Vincent Peale Story
    Sorensen/Richardson Debate Part #1
    Sorensen/Richardson Debate Part #2
    Bean Feed I & II
    Brown University Havana, Cuba January 8-13, 1992
    CNN Garrick Utley 1) Pres. Tapes 2:52 2) Hersh/JFK 2:36 Nov. 97
    25 years of the Presidency 1/17/86
    Countdown In October Part I: Cuba The Cold War Battlefield
    Countdown In October Part II: The Miscalculation
    Pioneers In Space CBS News Productions 20th Century with Mike Wallace
    Crisis in Cuba: 13 Days on the Brink
    Book Notes B. Lamb Sorensen 6/5/96
    Jane Freeman reads her mail with Eunice Kennedy Shriver and Arvonne Fraser October 1960
    Cuban Missile Crisis 10/14/94
    Cuban Missile Crisis 10/13, 10/15, 10/16, 10/17
    Untitled Film Canister
LP Recordings
    Meet the Press, Oct.3, 1965
    Apollo 11 Flight to the Moon
    The Kennedy Wit
    The Wit of John F. Kennedy
    Swearingin Ceremonies of the Presidents Cabinet,
21 January 1961
Sound Reels
    11/4/62 Meet the Press
    Remarks to Businessmens Move for Vietnam Peace
    Inauguration Ceremonies Jan. 20, 1961
    The Militia Association of NY 83rd Annual Conference at the Concord Hotel 9 Sept. 1967
Cassette Tapes
    The Cuban Missile Crisis 30 Years Later
    Look Whos Talking BBC North
    Duane Rehm 6/21/96 Sorensen Hour 2
    Book Show #436 AC/Sorensen 11/26/96
    Box containing Tapes on Interview with John McCaffery
Audio Tape
    Washington Tapes The Presidency the Power of Personality Theodore C. Sorensen
    Photos of Theodore C. Sorensen et al 3 folders
    Photos of John Fitzgerald Kennedy


1/9/61 Massachusetts Legislature
1/20/61 Inaugural Address
1/21/61 Alfalfa Club
1/30/61 State of the Union Message I
2/2/61 Economic Message to Congress
2/6/61 Balance of Payments Message to Congress
2/9/61 Health Message to Congress
2/9/61 Presidential Prayer Breakfast
2/13/61 National Industrial Conference Board
2/20/61 Education Message to Congress
2/23/61 Natural Resources Message to Congress
2/25/61 White House Correspondents Dinner
2/28/61 Highways Message to Congress
3/1/61 Peace Corps Message to Congress
3/9/61 Housing Message to Congress
3/11/61 Gridiron Club Dinner
3/13/61 Latin American Reception
3/14/61 Latin American Message to Congress
3/16/61 Agriculture Message to Congress
3/22/61 Foreign Aid Message to Congress
3/24/61 Budget Message to Congress
3/28/61 Defense Message to Congress
4/11/61 JFK#2 (NBC Television Program
4/13/61 Regulatory Agencies Message to Congress
4/14/61 Council of the Organization of American States
4/20/61 American Society of Newspaper Editors
4/20/61 Taxation Message to Congress
4/27/61 American Newspaper Publishers Association
4/2761 Conflicts of Interest Message to Congress
4/28/61 Cook County Democratic Dinner, Chicago
5/3/61 George Washington University Honorary Degree
5/17/61 Ottawa, Canada Trip
5/25/61 State of the Union Message II (Urgent National Needs)
6/6/61 European Trip
6/16/61 National Conference on International Economic and Social Development
5-6/61 Paris, France Trip
7/25/61 Berlin Speech to the Nation
9/25/61 United Nations
10/3/61 John Adams Papers Luncheon
10/12/61 North Carolina University
10/29/61 Arkansas-Oklahoma Trip
11/2/61 New Jersey-New York Trip
1l/10/61 Land-Grant University Centennial Tape
11/11/61 Veterans Day
11/16/61 University of Washington Anniversary
11/17/61 Senator Carl Hayden Dinner (Phoenix)
11/18/61 Democratic Party Dinner (Los Angeles)
12/5/61 National Football Foundation
12/6/61 National Association of Manufacturers
12/7/61 AFL-CIO, Miami
12/7/61 Young Democrats Convention (Miami)
12/--/61 South American Trip
1961 Speeches - General
     Presidential Messages to Congress
     Press Releases
     West Virginia University (not delivered)

1/6/62 Ohio - Governor Di Salle Dinner
1/11/62 State of the Union Message
1/18/62 Budget Message to Congress
1/19/62 Savings Bonds
1/20/62 Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Inaugural Anniversary)
1/22/62 Economic Report to Congress
1/30/62 Urban Affairs Message to Congress
1/31/62 Agriculture Message to Congress
2/1/62 Welfare Programs Message to Congress
2/6/62 Education Message to Congress
2/7/62 Communications Satellite Bill
2/20/62 Pay Reform Message to Congress
2/23/62 Cape Canaveral
2/26/62 Peace Corps Letter to Congress
2/26/62 Voice of America
2/27/62 Health Message to Congress
3/2/62 Nuclear Testing Address to the Nation
3/7/62 Advertising Council
3/10/62 Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Florida)
3/13/62 Foreign Aid Message to Congress (Alianza)
3/15/62 Consumers Message to Congress
3/17/62 Gridiron Club
3/23/62 University of California (Charter Day)
4/5/62 Transportation Message to Congress
4/9/62 Children's Bureau Anniversary
4/30/62 Chamber of Commerce Convention
5/4/62 New Orleans
5/8/62 United Auto Workers Convention
5/12/62 Democratic Fundraising Dinner (Milwaukee)
5/16/62 Committee for Economic Development
5/17/62 Trade Policy Dinner
5/18/62 New York City
5/20/62 Medical Care Rally
5 /25/62 Conservation Conference
5/--/62 Capital Improvements Legislation
5/--/62 National Economic Conference
6/6/62 West Point Commencement
6/11/62 Yale University Commencement
6/20/62 Summer Employees Greeting
6/--/62 Mexican Trip
7/4/62 Independence Day (Philadelphia)
8/13/62 Tax Cut - Radio and TV Report on the National Economy
8/17/62 Western Trip (Water Projects)
9/12/62 Space - Rice Institute
9/20/62 International Monetary Fund
9/30/62 Mississippi - TV Remarks re: James Meredith and U. of Miss.
12/14/62 Economic Club (New York)
1962 Speeches - General
     Campaign Speeches
     Conservation Messages
     Defense and Civil Defense Message
     Future Presidential Speeches
     Reciprocal Trade
     Science and Technology
     United Nations Bond Issue

1/14/63 State of the Union Message
1/17/63 Budget Message to Congress
1/18/63 District of Columbia Budget Message
1/21/63 Economic Report of the President
1/24/63 Tax Reduction and Reform Message to Congress
1/29/63 Education Message to Congress
1/31/63 Agriculture Message to Congress
1/31/63 Anti-Defamation League
2/5/63 Mental Health and Mental Retardation Message to Congress
2/7/63 Health Message to Congress
2/7/63 Presidential Prayer Breakfast
2/14/63 Youth Message to Congress
2/21/63 Senior Citizens Message to Congress
2/25/63 American Bankers Association Symposium
2/28/63 Civil Rights Message to Congress
3/5/63 Transportation Letter to Congress
3/9/63 Gridiron Club Dinner
3/13/63 Advertising Council
3/18/63 Costa Rica
3/23/63 Chicago - O'Hare Airport and Civic Luncheon
4/2/63 Foreign Aid Message to Congress (Message on Free World Defense and Assistance Programs)
4/9/63 (Winston) Churchill Honorary Citizenship
4/19/63 American Society of Newspaper Editors Convention
4/20/63 Boston College Honorary Degree
5/9/63 Committee for Economic Development
5/18/63 Tennessee Valley Authority (Muscle Shoals)
5/18/63 Vanderbilt University Anniversary
5/23/63 New York (Dedication of East Coast Memorial and Birthday Salute to the President)
6/4/63 World Food Congress
6/5/63 Air Force Academy Commencement
6/6/63 San Diego State College Commencement
6/9/63 Mayors Conference (Hawaii)
6/10/63 American University Commencement
6/--/63 Civil Rights Statements
7/3/63 European Trip
7/18/63 Balance of Payments Message to Congress
7/22/63 Railroad Rules Dispute Message 'to Congress
7/23/63 Immigration Message to Congress
7/26/63 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (TV and Radio Address)
8/8/63 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty (Special Message to the Senate)
9/10/63 Business Committee for Tax Reduction
9/17/63 Export Expansion Conference
9/18/63 Tax Message to the Nation (TV)
9/20/63 United Nations
9/29/63 Conservation Tour
9/30/63 International Monetary Fund Meeting
10/3/63 Arkansas - Little Rock and Greers Ferry Dam
10/19/63 Boston
10/19/63 University of Maine - Honorary Degree
10/26/63 Amherst - Honorary Degree and Robert Frost Library Groundbreaking
10/30/63 Democratic Committee Dinner (Philadelphia)
11/8/63 Protestant Council
11/14/63 Delaware Turnpike Dedication
11/15/63 AFL-CIO Convention I
11/18/63 Florida
11/21/63 Texas
12/3/63 National. Council of Churches (Philadelphia)
1963 Speeches - General
     Executive Pay Raise